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Life As A Rock

It seemed like an eternity that I had been nestled tightly in my comfortable towering cliff wall home. The view…

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Over the past month or so I’ve been trying to sort through photographs on my phone and computer. That process…

color outside the lines
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Coloring Outside The Lines

In my weekly writing group, the assignment to explain what ‘coloring outside the lines’ means to us. Although the question…

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Frida, you aren’t looking like your usual self. I guess that’s what happens when inspiration takes over after not holding…

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Painting Body Parts

The issue I’m having is with body parts. Did I get your attention? I’m talking about hands. Everything else is…

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Walking Away

Sometimes walking away may be the smart thing to do, however, I always trust the process. I just go with…

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City Streets Could Tell Many Stories

City Streets of Austin Texas

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TED Talks

TED Talks are one of the many ways I stay motivated. Yesterday was especially exciting because my husband and I…

Plein air
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Plein Air

Plein air painting is priority on my goal list while the weather is so nice. It has been so long…

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