Life As A Rock

It seemed like an eternity that I had been nestled tightly in my comfortable towering cliff wall home. The view was spectacular from my comfy spot and I loved it there. One hot summer afternoon my world crumbled when the big dude above me decided to break free taking me a few hundred other unprepared cliff dwellers plummeting into the river below. Scared and in shock I looked around, recognized nothing except the fact that I was alone. Water rushed over me which was frightening at first, however, soon it became rather refreshing. The only moisture I’d ever known came from the sky and was nothing compared to this so I kicked back and relaxed into it.

After a few days, I was settled into my new surroundings and actually digging the new scene. Suddenly, the skies turned dark and water fell from the sky like never before. The waters rose quickly, the river was rushing much faster and I was getting a little dizzy bobbling back and forth. Without warning, something happened and I was sent tumbling rapidly downstream. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. This was my life now, a nomadic rock travelling wherever the waters decided to take me. Sometimes I would get to hang out for a bit in carved out cubbyholes but eventually the river would evict me and send me hurling toward my next temporary destination. Over time, pieces of me kept chipping off which was irritating at first but it seemed the smoother I became, the easier the ride was.

Years passed before I took a sharp left turn into a narrow, slow trickling stream and coming to rest in a peaceful cove where I’ve been for quite some time. For many years my life had been chaotic so it was nice to feel like I had a home again. The water in my stream is crystal clear and only tickles slightly as it passes over me. Looking around, I admire the other colorful, beautifully shaped rocks and wish I could be like them. Then, early one morning the water was very, very still, almost like glass. I caught a glance of my reflection in the water. That couldn’t be me I thought and looked again, and again. When I lived on the cliff wall my edges were jagged and unremarkable but look at me now. My rough edges are gone and I glisten when the sun bounces off my surface. All the years tossing, tumbling and complaining was mother nature’s lengthy, talented way of showing me that she saw the potential inner beauty that I failed to see.

Author: Gina Stratton

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