Coloring Outside The Lines

color outside the lines

In my weekly writing group, the assignment to explain what ‘coloring outside the lines’ means to us. Although the question directs the mind towards art, my immediate thoughts were how that questions relates to life.

To me coloring inside the lines represents confinement and places restriction on the human right to be oneself and being a slave to societies rules, customs, rituals, and expectations.

Coloring outside the lines is the freedom to ignore boundaries, think and act as a unique individual, make choices and receive what the entire picture has to offer. Outside the lines is where we discover self-expression, creativity, mindfulness, and a deeper sense of self.

Go ahead, have pancakes for dinner and spaghetti for breakfast. Wear mismatched socks and funky hats if it feels good. The opinions and comments of others have no value.

 Life is our drum and we can play it any way we choose.

However, if answering the question as it relates to art, I say…things can be whatever color you are inspired to paint them. Blue trees and purple cows sound like a good start to me.

Author: Gina Stratton

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