Frida, you aren’t looking like your usual self. I guess that’s what happens when inspiration takes over after not holding a paintbrush for over a week. This morning I started this painting and it is all over the place. At the present moment I’m just not feeling it. For now, it is at a standstill because after my last ‘person’ painting I feel it’s best to step away from the art supplies. Walking away and revisiting it later with fresh eyes seems like the safest thing to do.

Here’s gallery to show you what I’m talking about. I apologize for the darkness of the pictures but my lighting stinks.

I spent the last couple of days recovering from our trip to Arkansas. The landscape is beautiful. Eureka Springs is a peculiar little town, lots of art to take in but I’m sure I wouldn’t want to live there. We visited with family and ate way too much. Why is that? People get together and want to eat all day. Seriously, lunch was being planned as we were having breakfast. My scale (meanie) says I’ve gained 8 pounds IN A WEEK. Ugh!!

Tell me what you think. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Author: Gina Stratton

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