Painting Body Parts

The issue I’m having is with body parts. Did I get your attention? I’m talking about hands. Everything else is humming along smoothly until I get to the hands. It’s going to take practice but determination will prevail. Painting people, especially (somewhat) realistic looking people is challenging for me but I’m settling into it. Also, the canvas is 8 x 8, much smaller than my usual projects to that is awkward in itself. Normally, this would not be an issue but the painting is a gift so my aim is pretty high and plus, I just loved the photo.

Over the past week I have been fortunate. Two paintings are complete and this one is on the verge. On the verge meaning….should I keep working on it or leave it be. On the fence AGAIN. Because of previous commitments I will have a week to muse it over before picking up the brushes again. Any suggestions, tips or comments would be GREATLY appreciated.

The next few days we will be visiting some beautiful places. I’m going to keep it a secret for now with a promise to take some cool pics. Visiting new places gives me feelings of ‘wonder’. I woke up very early this morning feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. Bright-eyed and excited to see what gifts the day has to offer. Feelings like that are always welcome.

Author: Gina Stratton

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