TED Talks


TED Talks are one of the many ways I stay motivated. Yesterday was especially exciting because my husband and I attended a local TED Watch Party at Blue Star Brewery. This free event presented the top talks of 2019. I am a huge fan of TED and thought it would be interesting. We heard from a neuroscientist, two artists, a musician and an astrophysicist. All the presentations were informative and delivered great messages. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking some of them out.


Blue Star Brewery

It was our first time visiting the Blue Star Arts Complex area and we found it to be pretty impressive. After the event we took the route along the San Antonio Riverwalk to King William’s Fair. Fiesta, San Antonio’s signature celebration is going on this week so there is a lot going on. I took lots of pictures. It was a fantasic day with my husband. The weather was absolutely perfect, we saw a lot of new things and had some really good conversations.

Author: Gina Stratton

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