Is Art Ever Really Finished?

Is Art Ever Really Finished?

Is art really ever finished? I don’t believe so. As an artist my personal opinion occasionally gets in the way. A couple of weeks ago I came to a stopping point on a piece and actually had a few people interesting in purchasing it. However, in my mind it needed ‘something’. It stood in my studio for a few days. Each time I walked in the room it was calling me to continue work on it. Finally, I decided to make the changes. After messing with it, trying to fix what I thought was an unfinished element I had made it into something totally different.

Looking back, that particular painting had been perfect just the way it was. Surprisingly, I wasn’t upset or aggravated. I was glad that it happened because knowledge was gained from it. Giving in to the process can be rewarding. Expect to find new techniques, colors and passions. An artist does not get anywhere by playing it safe. Take risks. When your intuition speaks, say YES. Ask yourself, is art ever really finished? The answer is NO.

Author: Gina Stratton

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