Outside Looking In


On the outside looking in, what would it be like?

outside looking in earth

Spring is officially here. Birds are chirping outside the window and the sun is coming out earlier each day. Feels like a good time to plant a pot of basil. Last night I had a severe case of monkey mind while working on an assignment for my weekly writing workshop. It all finally came together after toting my laptop from my office, then to the couch and eventually to bed. The topic was to write about a fantasy trip. I opted for traveling to space and write as if I was on the outside looking in.

It started out beautifully but somehow transformed into something sad but I trusted the process and that’s where it guided me. Basically it says, the earth is a beautiful place but industry and waste from society is destroying it. Writing this reminded me that being human is a gift and a privilege and the importance of being good humans. What are your thoughts?

Author: Gina Stratton

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